Best Sellers Package

The ultimate package deal, including two of the top sellers from both the Jolli Fruit line and the Originals line! This package includes: Orange Dreamsicle, Poseidon, Blue Raspberry, and Green AppleTry out the best flavors around, right here!

Reverie: A creamy flavor like none other you've ever tasted. Mere words do not bring this flavor justice. Keylime, Strawberry, Apricot, & Vanilla Ice Cream all blended together to form an exquisite sensation for your taste buds with every breath.

Enigma: Sweet watermelon, blue raspberry, and juicy strawberry fused together with a light hint of menthol. Guaranteed to be a summer favorite.

Orange Dreamsicle: A splendid blend of flavors create a perfect Orange Sherbet on the inhale followed by a mouth watering taste of a rich and lavish vanilla center on the exhale.

Green AppleEnjoy your favorite green apple candy. Each puff is full of a delicious tart green apple flavor with perfectly even hints of candy background notes.

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