Best Sellers Package

The ultimate package deal, including two of the top sellers from both the Jolli Fruit line and the Originals line! This package includes: Orange Dreamsicle, Poseidon, Blue Raspberry, and Green AppleTry out the best flavors around, right here!

Blue RaspberryA long time favorite candy by many. Enjoy the sweet and juicy taste of blue raspberry with delightful background accents of candy.

Poseidon: An exquisite and original blend of tart cherry & key-lime with sweet strawberry juice.

Orange Dreamsicle: A splendid blend of flavors create a perfect Orange Sherbet on the inhale followed by a mouth watering taste of a rich and lavish vanilla center on the exhale.

Green AppleEnjoy your favorite green apple candy. Each puff is full of a delicious tart green apple flavor with perfectly even hints of candy background notes.

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