What's in E-Juice?

One of the most common arguments we hear against vaping is the "You don't even know what exactly is in your juice,"  well actually we do. E-Juice is incredibly simple and contains very few chemicals compared to the thousands in traditional cigarettes. Four total chemicals are used at the maximum in creating E-Juice, these are; Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Flavoring, and optionally Nicotine.

Propylene Glycol


Propylene Glycol, or PG, is a thin liquid that resembles water in texture, that is used to carry the flavoring and provide throat hit. Higher PG ratios will have a higher throat hit, and also flavor may be stronger. Propylene Glycol is used in food colorings, food flavorings, some inhalers (such as for asthma), and various other daily products. It is also recognized by the FDA as "generally safe."

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable Glycerine, or VG, is a thick and sweet tasting vegetable based liquid. It does not hold flavor as well as Propylene Glycol, but it is what mostly produces the visible vapor. That is why "Cloud Chasers" prefer high or max VG liquids, the higher the VG the more vapor. A higher VG ratio is also preferred by many vapers due to VG not having a throat hit like PG does. VG is often used as an artificial sweetener in some food products. It is also recognized by the FDA as "generally safe."

FlavoringFood Flavoring


Flavoring used in E-Juice is all FDA approved for use in foods as well. The main concern related to flavoring that people has is that some flavorings may contain Diacetyl, however it is in very small amounts (Usually less than 400 PPM[Parts Per Million] ) which is diluted even further, as the amount of flavoring used in a bottle of E-Juice is usually less than 20%. However to generally avoid this issue, companies are now creating "v2" versions of their flavorings that do not contain Diacetyl. We'll write a more detailed post on Diacetyl shortly in the future.



The amount of nicotine in E-Juice varies by preference. The most common nicotine amounts are 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG, and 24MG. It is not recommended to attempt vaping higher than 24MG as any higher could cause potential nicotine overdose. The only thing most people know about these nicotine ratings are just low or high, however most don't actually understand what they mean. The ratings are written in MG/ML or milligrams/milliliter, so in 3MG/ML there is 3MG of nicotine per ML of E-Juice, this means there is a total of 90MG of nicotine in a 30ml bottle. This is not much at all compared to  24 MG/ML which is 720MG of nicotine in a 30ml. It's good to know the amount of nicotine in your bottle for safety, the overdose limit for an average adult is 60MG, which would usually need to be absorbed at once or high doses in very short spans. Not to worry, as long as you are vaping in the recommended range of nicotine ratings you should be safe as you would need to vape nearly an entire 3mls of 24MG at once to be in danger, it is recommended to not vape a large amount of higher nicotine in quick succession however as you can feel general nicotine sickness that will go away as long as you put your vape down or lower the nicotine dosage for a short time. Just be careful to not directly spill E-Juice with high nicotine levels on yourself, that's the main danger, and of course keep away from pets & children, as even much lower amounts than 60MG of nicotine can be fatal to non adults if ingested or absorbed (via skin contact).


Hopefully this helped inform you more about what exactly is in your e-liquids if you didn't already know, if you have any specific questions about vaping feel free to email us at CrownCloudsJuice@Gmail.com and we'll see about making a post to answer it!




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  • Love it. I am going to show this to boss who just literally Monday morning pulled me into his office and expressed his concern about me vaping in an open warehouse setting and said coworkers have complained about my vaping as they don’t know what is in the juice I vape. Also, these coworkers that complained are 10 plus year cigarette smokers who have no idea what they’re inhaling Hahaha ??

    Joe Sturdivant

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